Executive Management

Comuniq AS will work to ensure that quality information is available to investors, analysts, authorities and other interested parties. 
offers the opportunity to share our success as we dramatically improve the quality and affordability of IP Telephony. 
Comuniq's shares are listed with the Norwegian VPS, an electronic registry system. Although our shares are not listed on any exchange, they are traded in the "over-the-counter" market in Norway. 
Our ticker symbol is: COMU

If you want to join Comuniq as an investor, click on the following link to Brokers in Norway who will be happy to help you. 
Please understand that Comuniq in no way encourages you to purchase stock. 
We also provide the list as a reference, and do not recommend or endorse any Broker or Firm.

We strive to accommodate our investors by providing investor information on our website.  If you  have any questions please contact us at 
Investor Relations

Comuniq, AS

J. Arthur Olafsen               Chairman of the Board
Morten Ruud
Steinar Kolnes