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Comuniq ASA and Comuniq, Inc. develop and manu- facture cutting-edge telephony solutions that transports speech as data over the Internet. The company's flagship product is The SMAS IP GW family of integrated software and board-level components. The SMAS IP GW is designed for equipment manufacturers and system integrators building customer premise and network equipment for VoIP and data-convergent telecom- communications.

We offer server-side solutions for manufacturers and system integrators focusing on the most rapidly growing market segments: Internet communications and convergence, wireless, intelligent networks, computer telephony integration and caller-interactive services 
(VoIP, IP Gateways, and Unified Messaging.)

Comuniq is uniting the computer industry's demand for
high-speed product development with the telecom
industry's demand for stability and low fault tolerance.

Comuniq's specialty is the manufacture of high-density, high-performance, flexible, scaleable and affordable VoIP communications solutions for PCI and cPCI markets.

Comuniq designs, manufactures and markets its products worldwide through engineering and sales locations in the USA, Norway and Asia. The corporate headquarters is in Oslo, Norway. Comuniq's industrial partner on production issues is Kitron in Norway